The Little Bang

Kendra Kandlestar fans will be familiar with the magical cloud ship called the Big Bang, which was introduced in The Shard from Greeve.

I had a lot of fun designing and thinking about that ship. But I always knew something was going to happen to the Big Bang near the beginning of the new Kendra Kandlestar book—in fact, the plot demanded it. I wrote that scene months ago.

So here I am, this week, working on a new section of the book when I suddenly found myself wishing that I had the Big Bang available to whisk away Kendra and our other intrepid heroes. Alas, there is no way to get it back! But then I remembered that Ratchet and Oki never sit still for long and all through these past weeks, when I’ve been following the personal journey of Kendra, those two rascals have been building a new version of the ship. They affectionately called it the Little Bang.

At first, I thought it would be a very simple vessel, something more like a hot air balloon. Then I realized that Ratchet and Oki just wouldn’t quite do that. As usual, I was having troubles writing about the ship, so I decided to do some very simple sketches first. Here they are . . . Oh—and you’ll see a few other ramblings on this page of my sketchbook as well. Just the usual brainstorming for another part of the book.

Sketches for the Little Bang.

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