Celebrating children’s literature with Summer Dreams and pink pajamas

Summer Dreams 2012This weekend I appeared at the 9th Annual Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival in Vancouver. The weather was gorgeous, the performances were great, and I ended the afternoon dressing in pink pajamas. This was entirely the fault of Tiffany Stone. She called me onto stage and said I could dress up to help her with her pirate poem. I was expecting an eye-patch and maybe a crow? NO. Apparently, this poem is about how pirates like to dress in pink pajamas. You can see the photo below (I figure I might as well post it, as my “friends”  [Dan Bar-el] have already threatened to do it anyway!).

Other than the “pajama” incident the day turned out to be a lot of fun, as I got to hang with many of my peers and pals. In addition to Tiffany, local children’s authors James McCann, Jacquie Pearce, and Christianne Hayward (from Christianne’s Lyceum) all performed. Young authors from the Lyceum read out from their stories as well—pretty brave!

As for my performance, I have to thank my wonderful fiancé, voice-over actress Marcie Nestman, for giving it a lot more “shazam.” Marcie and I did a bit of “reader’s theatre,” in which we performed some of my favourite sections from Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah. Marcie played the roles of Kendra, Gayla Griffinskitch, Winter Woodsong, and Queen Krake, while I tackled Oki, Krimson Kandlestar, and the narrator. Marice’s voice for Queen Krake stole the show!

A big thanks to Pandora’s Collective for hosting the event, and for all the sponsors!

Summer Dreams 2012
Jacques LaLonde open the children’s stage with a “roar,” leading many rousing renditions of his popular dragon songs.
Summer Dreams 2012
James McCann read from his book Flying Feet.
Summer Dreams 2012
Marcie Nestman, shows a picture of Kendra Kandlestar (notice that they are both wearing some pretty funky braids).
Summer Dreams 2012
This is me reading from one of my favourite sections of the Crack in Kazah—with Marcie’s expert voice talents to help along.
Summer Dreams 2012
Jacqueline Pearce uses her iPad to show some of the research and historical photos that relate to her book Flood Warning.
Summer Dreams 2012
James takes a breather between his reading and his high-acclaimed writing workshop.
Summer Dreams 2012
Pink Pajama Conspiracy: children’s authors and editors Kallie George and Tiffany Stone have a chat before Tiffany’s performance—I’m convinced they were plotting the pink pajama incident.
Summer Dreams 2012
The highlight of the day for the children—”Mr. Wiz” in pink pajamas.

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