Some poetry from Seoul

Brainstorming for poetry.

Just wrapped up “Boost” camp for Teen-aged writers in Seoul, Korea, on behalf of CWC. They produced some fantastic creative stories—but I think some of my favourite pieces were the short “exploratory” exercises that we did.

One of these exercises were to take a single object or setting and write three separate poems about it: A Descriptive Poem, A Point of View Poem (in which the author imagines him/herself as the object or setting) and a Metaphor Poem (in which the object or setting serves as a metaphor for a feeling).

A few of my favourite poems are below. Tomorrow, I’ll post some of my favourite examples from our “Paint a Scene” activity.

* * *

CANDLE (Descriptive Poem)
By Angela Cho

A flare of red and orange
Tiny but tremendous
Cold but cozy
Making silent hisses
All through the night
Sweating beads of wax
Its twisting body
Shrinking every minute
But lightning the night with hope.

* * *

CLOCK (Descriptive Poem)
By Catherine Lee

Ticking, swinging,
Telling the time
Cuckoos twitter
Every hour.
Beside the fireplace,
The grandfather will sit.
On your wrist,
The child will rest.Whether you are
Young or old,
The most lasting
Will be the clock.

* * *

MIRROR (Metaphor Poem)
By Hannah Lee

A mirror is your second shadow,
Copying every move you make.
A simple shake of your head,
A twist of an arm,
A mirror is passing time.
It lets you see the world
With many angles,
But does now let you keep it.
A mirror is the truth of our world,
Reflecting only what it sees.

* * *

Until Green Comes Again
By Chloe Kim

I am a Jungle.
Every day, my heart grows barren
As it gets chopped by newly-made knives.
The vessels, straining to stay strong, merely burst;
Scarlet blood splatters onto my long, stretched arms.

Tears flow down my jagged face,
But even those are collected in little bottles to drink.
The empty cheekbones that used to be
Filled with pink, warm flush
Have been taken to those who already have enough,
Sticking my flesh on top of theirs without remorse.

Beautiful children that I have adored,
Girls with ponytails and polka-dot skirts,
Boys with striped trousers and leather boots;
Some have been imprisoned, never enjoying the taste of freedom
Again; others were skinned
To death. Stealing their flesh and fiber
For the people’s good.

I wish I could have punished all
Who have grabbed and stolen
But they are my sons and daughters as well.
Once innocent and followed me with no doubt,
Now invading their mother herself.
The only thing I would do is wait,
Wait for them to give my other children back,
Wait for them until my cheeks are red again,
Wait for them to give all my
Green back to me.

* * *

SKELETON KEY (Descriptive Poem)
By Raphael Cho

Old and fashioned,
Making harmony with others
Can fit or not;
If it fits, magic will be brought.
It could be the only chance for you,
Unlocking your hope and dreams.

* * *

BOOK (Descriptive Poem)
By Yeonjae Song

The satisfying crack of the spine,
Crackle of crisp new pages
Scent of them too—the scent of new adventure,
Awaiting me over the horizon of each line,
Lines filled with wonder and delight
And unexpected wisdom,
Hidden within new realms —
The thrill of anticipation.

* * *

By Yeonsoo Song

I am a pearl.
I wait in eternity.
I wait for the future not promised.
Some may never discover my fascination,
But when I envision my highest ambitions
I have power that will last me
Through the toughest blizzards.
Until my dreams shine,
I stay concealed among the secrets
Of the deepest ocean.

* * *

By Young Taek Hong

I am the ocean.
Some may think I’m comfortable.
Some may think I’m formidable.
Don’t worry;
Feel the world
That I send
And you will know who I am.

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