The story in our stars . . .

The storm in the StarsIn the world of Kendra Kandlestar, the Eens look to the stars for portents of the future. This is a particular interest of Uncle Griffinskitch’s, who even has an observatory at the top of his yew tree house so that he can gaze upon the constellations.

I thought designing constellations and connecting them to myths would be a great final activity for the Galaxy Camp in Yongin, Korea. I handed out a pattern of stars (an actual one, showing the layout of the skies of the northern hemisphere) and asked the students to create their own constellation. For the second part of the activity, they wrote short myths to explain the origins of their constellations.

For inspiration, I read out some of the famous Een myths, such as the Legends of Charlo’s Crook, Kojo’s Hope, and the Whistling Wood. Admittedly, none of these myths connected to the stars, but it did help them understand the style of writing a myth.

This was the first time I had tried this activity, and I have to thank Kallie George, who originally developed this workshop and shared it with me. It turned out beautifully!

Galaxy Camp - starchart

Galaxy Camp - starchart

Galaxy Camp - starchart

Galaxy Camp - starchart

Galaxy Camp - starchart


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