Safari Camp: here we come!

CWC Safari Camp

This Friday I embark on a six-day adventure to teach the CWC Safari Camp with fellow instructors James McCann and Kallie George. If you’re coming—get ready! You will receive your very own Safari log book and you’ll earn a different stamp each day (that is, if you survive!).

There will be a host of activities, of course. We will learn how to survive all the typical traps and dangers of a Safari. We’ll map our own “Danger Island.” We’ll design our own safari “ride.” And, of course, we’ll write about it all!

Of course, if that isn’t enough for you, and you find yourself getting bored, you can always play with our camp mascot, (I call him Cocoa the Koala; I’m guessing Kallie will want to call him Koaly. As for James? He probably doesn’t like to touch wild animals!)


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