In the realm of Iron Fairies . . .

There seems to be some magic in ever hidden nook and cranny of this city of Bangkok. Tonight two of the teachers I’m working with during my writer-in-residence stint at ELC school took me around the corner to a fantastical restaurant called Iron Fairies.

More than one person has told me that Iron Fairies has the best burgers in Bangkok—and it might also have the best decor. The journey begins with a narrow double-door that leads into a darkened interior with a wrought-iron staircase swirling upwards  where one can find a bookshelf that is actually a secret door to a chamber beyond.

Old-fashioned tools and canisters of fairy dust line the walls and here and there you can find a scattering of fairy lore. For this wizard in Bangkok, it was truly an inspirational realm!

Iron Faries.

 Iron Faries.

Iron Faries.

Iron Faries.


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