Coolest library ever . . .

I entered a paradise today as I started my writer-in-residence at ELC school in Bangkok, Thailand.

Many of the buildings on the school grounds are traditional Thai houses, including the library. These houses are built on stilts. Traditionally, livestock would have been kept on the lower level and then the family lived on the upper story. In this upper story it’s a family of books!

ELC library.

It was pretty cool to see Kendra Kandlestar on the shelves—but I think I was more excited to see Flying Feet—the wonderful book by my buddy, James McCann.

ELC Library.

The other thing I love about the school is all of the flora. Every time I turn a corner on one of the many meandering pathways I find another palm tree, another outcropping of lush jungle plants. It’s like going to school with Swiss Family Robinson!


The kids here are absolutely wonderful. If I remember correctly, there are children from thirty-two different cultures, all coming together in this one place.

So far I have just been teaching many of popular workshops that I’ve taught in Canada, the US, and Korea. These include my Costuming a Character and Crafting Kingdoms. Later on in the week we’ll be designing our own enchanted vessels and even build dragon eggs. I can’t wait!

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