Words that aren’t real, but that should be

Honest Oki.Every couple of weeks, I happen upon a word that one of my young creative writing students has “invented”—usually by inadvertently cannibalizing an existing words.

My new favourite popped up yesterday: Sacrification. When I asked the student why she didn’t just use “sacrifice” she looked at me rather blankly and then essentially suggested that “sacrification” sounded so much more severe (she has an astute answer for everything).

For the record, here are some of my other favourite student-invented words that I’ve collected over the past while:

Firstable: An ample replacement for “firstly.”

Snickled: I have no idea; I assume it’s like a snicker, but with a ticklish aspect.

Grumby: Grumpy, but way worse.

Examinated: When “examine” just won’t do.

Shruddered: Some people shudder, others shrudder—that’s just the way it is.

I have to admit, I love these words. Of course, many of you will remember Oki ever-expanding vocabulary in Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah. Gayla and Leemus soon got into the act. Here are some of my favourites that they came up with:

Oojipooka: Something you say when you are surprised by a mysterious object that can’t be explained.

Zoomba: A mild curse word; usually spoken in response to a criticism.

Foogiewunda: Hooray!

Holy Hooglegum: An expression of surprise (like Holy Smokes).

Snorehog: A boring person.

Eekling: A frightened Een.

Ishymoosha: Sentimental and emotional.

Twiddleberry: A mild insult.

Frunzy:  A state of fretting or concern that is unequal to the situation.

Smingle-Smongle: Nonsense.

Eggoriffic: A horrible situation involving eggs (but let’s face it; aren’t ALL situations involving eggs horrible?).


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