Preliminary sketches for the City on the Storm

One of the pivotal locations in Kendra Kandlestar 5 is the City on the Storm. Many of you have been following Kendra for awhile, waiting for her to reached this fabled city and in this book you will finally have your patience rewarded.

The concept sketches below represent some brainstorming both in terms of plot and setting for an important sequence of events in the book. However, I’ve since decided for a different look for the city (which I will show in a future post).

Originally, one of my writing confidants (yes, Paige, it’s you) gave me the idea of calling the city Feenix, playing on the spelling of the mythical Phoenix, the bird that rises up from the ashes. You see, the City on the Storm represents a sort of rebirth of sorts, so we thought it would really fit.

But, upon further reflection, I decided that the city required a different name. So now it will be called something else. (And yes, I know what it is; I’m just not telling you—yet.)

City on the Storm "map" sketch.

City on the Storm concept sketch

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