Meet Bony Mork!

I had a wonderful day teaching workshops at Quilchena Elementary school and was given a wonderful gift: a wonderful story and piece original artwork from a young author/illustrator named Fisher.

The accompany note says: “It would be an honour if you took characteristics from Bony Mork and made Pugglemud look kinda like him (large pony tail, etc.). Mork could be a villain for book five!”

Well, Pugglemud is going to have a new look for Book 5 (as many of you know, he’s one slippery fellow, ever on the look out for a new job). But I must say, I do LOVE the name of Bony Mork . . . who knows, maybe he can slip in as fun character somewhere in the story. And we have to make sure that Fisher gets the credit!

Bony Mork.


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