Enchanted boxes and magic postcards!

I just finished my first day as writer-in-residence at Charlie Lake Elementary and rolled out some fun activities. In my workshop, I led my Enchanted Vessels: Think Outside the Box.

In this workshop, we discussed some of the many enchanted vessels throughout world mythology (my favourite is Bran’s cauldron from Celtic mythology) and then talked about my own journey to create the Box of Whispers. The students then began designing their own boxes (and of course, their keys too):

A peaceful box

A box holding all the magic of the sea.

Afterwards, I led another group in an activity in which they imagined they were on a vacation in their favourite magical land and were sending a postcard home. Some children chose a land from their favourite book, while others invented a land. I’m thinking you would NOT want to visit the Land of Swirly (though I know more than one or two pet fish who have):

A postcard from the Land of Swirley

A postcard from Hippoland.

A postcard from Candyland.

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