A postcard from Oki

Honest OkiI get a lot of questions about Honest Oki. These include: what are his sisters’ names? What is his last name? Are you ever going to tell us?

I suppose he’s everyone’s favourite character, surpassing even Kendra in popularity (after all, Oki has even been immortalized in tattoo form!).

Well, I recently discovered this little postcard sent by Oki to his family just after he took his apprentice job with Ratchet Ringtail (you’ll remember this happened in Book 2, The Door to Unger). It’s the first time we’ve ever seen the names of all eight sisters! (I can’t imagine how Oki’s parents kept track of all those mouselings!)

A postcard from Oki

I think I will use this as inspiration for my writing class and ask my students to pick a favourite location from their own novels and then have a character send  a postcard. It might me a fun and inventive way to get them to think about setting!


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