Kendra KINDLEstar

One of the fun things about producing the Kindle editions of the Kendra Kandlestar books was designing the new covers. (By the way–did you get your free copy, yet? Only three more days!)

I may decide to use these covers for future print editions—what do YOU think?

One thing about electronic editions of books is that they don’t have back covers. As a book designer I find this a bit disconcerting, like walking in the Shivering Wood without a torch. So last week I decided to design back covers to match my new fronts. Perhaps in a future update to the electronic editions I will add these.

In the meantime YOU can look at them. And, perhaps, if we go with this new look for the next print run, then my work is already done!

In search of Stolen Whispers

Lost in a Maze of Mystery

Trapped in a Pit of Monsters

A Splinter in Sorcery

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