Magical moments at the Korean Folk Village

During my recent writing retreat in Yong-in, Korea, my students and I took a break from the rigors of writing and visited a local folk village.

Here are some my favourite pictures . . .

Here’s a view of the canal (I took this one while walking across a stepping-stone bridge).

Bridge at the folk village.

This is the house of the noble-man. Most of the houses have straw roofs, but of course he has tile (not to mention ninety-nine rooms!).

Traditional house at the folk village.

These totems serve as guardians to the village, to stave off evil spirits.

Stone totem

Stone totem.

The highlight of the visit was watching the equestrian performance. The riders were truly spectacular, standing as they rode, riding upside down, and firing arrows and spears at a target as they galloped past.

Equestrian feats

Equestrian feats.

There was no net for this acrobat—just a pile of sand.


This traditional dance involves many colourful hats. My favourite is the one shown below with the long ribbon.

Dance performance.

This is a shot of an urn used for grinding grain. You can see the straw-capped stone wall behind.

Traditional grinder.

No one could tell me what this game was called, but it seemed more or less akin to horseshoes (except harder).

Traditional stick throwing game.

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