Get ready to rumble!

Rumble Pit Game

If you were at any of the launch parties for Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah, you might have played the “Battle in the Rumble Pit,” card game that we were running as part of the celebrations. It was such fun that I decided to post a variation of it on the activities page of the Kendra Kandlestar website.

Head on over there to download and print the cards so you can start hosting your own rumbles. Along the way, you’ll be able to revisit some of your favorite characters and enchanted items from not only the Rumble Pit, but from other parts of Kendra’s adventures.

You can be an Eenling who might use the Shard from Greeve to battle a dragon with a pickle. Or perhaps you will be an Een Wizard armed with a pumpkin trying to defeat an Unger who is using an Een toy for a weapon!

The possibilities are endless—especially if you decide to make your own cards (which I strongly encourage you to do).

Just visit to get started! In the meantime, here’s some card snapshots to whet your appetite.

Eenling Rumble Pit Card. Shard from Greeve Rumble Pit Card.

Dragon Rumble Pit card. Pickle Rumble Pit card.

Een Wizard Rumble Pit Card. Pumpkin Rumble Pit card.

Unger Rumble Pit card. Een toy Rumble Pit card.

Een Spy Rumble Pit card. Wand Rumble Pit card

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