Witch of Unger

I’d like you to introduce you to one of the important new characters that will appear in the next Kendra Kandlestar book; this is Shuuunga, the Unger witch.

Unger Witch

As is always the case when I start on a new book, I’m a bit hazy as to what are the nuances of the plot. I usually have a general sense of the story’s direction, but it’s how to get from start to finish that is the challenge. Well, just by sketching Shuuunga, a significant part of the plot came alive for me and now the story is shooting off in a new and certain direction. I’m excited!

By the way, I had a great suggestion for a character name: Crogus. This came from a reader who emailed me all the way from Dubai. I love the name Crogus, so may have to see if I can Ungerfy it (as you know, Ungers always use three vowels in their names). Or maybe Crogus can be a name for a non-Unger character. We’ll have to see—but as you know I LOVE a good character name!

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