The Force is strong with me

But origami is not:

My origami Darth Paper

Today I had the wonderful experience of having breakfast with my podcast partner James McCann and Tom Angleberger, the author of The Origami Yoda books.

Tom is in my backyard to celebrate his new book Darth Paper Strikes Back and since we’ve previously connected with Tom to interview him for Authors Like Us, we seized the opportunity to geek it up over pancakes and bacon.

Little did I know that the wise and all-knowing Tom was going to put us to work, teaching James and I how to construct our very own origami Darth Papers. Tom is so effervescent that he actually soon had the waitress and the patrons in the neigbouring booth clamoring to see what was going on.

I have to say that my Darth Paper looks more like he lost a fight with a paper towel. But on the plus side, I was able to make the folds without lighting the restaurant on fire (yes, I am that clumsy; it could happen).

Here’s a photo of the three of us. Look closely and you will see the groovy retro Star Wars record tote box that Tom uses to house all of his origami supplies.

James, Lee, and Tom.

Look, there’s no two ways about it. If you ever get a chance to attend one of Tom’s events—then do it! He’s a wonderful person and his love for origami (and Star Wars) simply oozes out of him.

He’s appearing TODAY for Kidsbooks in Vancouver. Snap up those last tickets and go. And may the Force be with you. Always.