Pumpkin princess

Pumpkin Princess.

There’s a story somewhere in this photo. I’m just not sure what it is yet. Maybe YOU can come up with it.

We spent Sunday in the pumpkin patch and the corn maze. It was good ol’ hillbilly fun—just like when I grew up. Well, except we didn’t have to butcher anything on Sunday (well, to be honest, when I was kid I always conveniently avoided “chicken-chop” day).

We solved the corn maze all too easily, but were able to pick out some gorgeous pumpkins. And I did my best to avoid the pumpkin and corn mascots. Talking and dancing food. I just don’t get. (Yes, I know I have talking pumpkins in Kendra Kandlestar, but they were never meant to be eaten, whereas these mascots are basically advertising how delicious they will be. STRANGE).

Pumpkin Patch.

Corn Maze.

Corn Maze.

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