2,000 books, 2,000 smiles

An elementary class in Penticton; each student received a copy of Kendra Kandlestar.

Last week I did a school tour of the schools in the south Okanagan along with fellow authors kc dyer, James McCann and Kallie George. It was all part of a great program sponsored by Raise-A-Reader, in which authors are sponsored to go into the schools, deliver a presentation, and leave behind a copy of one of their books for each and every kid.

That meant over 2,000 kids ended up with their very own autographed book. The days were frantic, going from class to class and signing all those books, but it was so great to see each of these kids with their very own book. Of course, it meant something special to them, since they had just met the author of said book. And I can prove it was special, because in one of the classrooms, I happened upon this illustration:

Mr Wiz is attacked by the moofishcluck.

I’m sure Kallie or James or kc inspired the students to become great novelists. I, on the other hand, inspired the children to draw me be attacked by a variety of chicken creatures.

A big THANK YOU to Yasmin John-Thorpe who helped arrange this tour (and an additional thank you to her because she gave me this bottle of home-made Caribbean sauce that is so hot that it requires you to put a piece of cling film between it and the metal lid—otherwise the sauce eats through it). Boy do I love my hot sauce (see kids, there’s something I DO love).

An Elementary class in Penticton celebrates a visit by Lee Edward Fodi.


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