Good company?

Famously, I do NOT like Anne of Green Gables. Yes. I know. It makes me a terrible Canadian.

In any case, I recently found myself in Penticton, BC, for the Peach Festival parade. Much to my companions’ delight, they found my book in the window of a used book store. And sitting right nearby . . .

Well, you can see for yourself!

Kendra Kandlestar and Anne of Green Gables

Faster than a speeding geek . . .

Super Wiz

For the next week you can call me SUPER WIZ. Why? Because tomorrow is the start of my superhero-themed writing camp in Yong-In, Korea.

The kcelleratorWe’ll be building superhero gadgets, designing superhero logos and costumes, blueprinting our own lairs, and even writing (and performing) our own superhero themesongs. Of course, super villains are a big part of this, and we’ll be plot to take over the world (but first we’ll have to craft a letter of application to the Evil League of Evil).

My super teaching partner this week will be The kcellerator (a.k.a. kc dyer). I wish I could have brought ALL of my sidekicks to camp, but alas, I had to settle on recreating them in cartoon form . . .

You can try and guess who is who:

Super SidekicksCaptain McCann

The Marcinator

Chuck the Kid

Super Skitch


Super Kallie

By the way, thanks to all of those who suggested songs and soundtracks for the Super Wiz theme song! I’ll post a final version when I have something!

Get crackin’ — Kendra’s almost here!

Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in KazahKendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah is now available for preorder on in both hardbound and paperback editions. Which proves it’s almost here!

So, if you have been as grumpy as Uncle Griffinskitch, or as anxious as Honest Oki, or as ornery as Juniper Jinx—then let your mind be at ease. The book . . . is . . . soon . . . here.

Oh—and here’s the final cover, with a few small modifications. And, yes, it features a bunch of eggs cracking. And, of course, I DESPISE eggs. Which you know—especially if you have every been tortur—er, I mean taught by me in one of my classes.

In the next couple weeks or so I’ll post a sneak peek of the book—Chapter 1 (and maybe even Chapter 2, if you ask nicely).

Star Wars good. Clowns BAD.

I just participated in the Grand Parade at the Penticton Peach Festival this past weekend by walking in the Raise-a-Reader parade. Imagine my horror when I saw a group of clown corralling nearby! (Anyone who knows me well, knows I am TERRIFIED of clowns). Thankfully, just around the corner there was also a group of geeks in full Star Wars regalia. Their costumes were amazing, down to every last shoulder pauldron on the Stormtroopers.

They were pretty used to geeks like me drooling over their costume, so were generous when it came to answering all my questions. At 30+ degrees Celsius that morning, I didn’t envy their costumes too much. The fellow in the black Tie Fighter pilot costume was sweating bullets!

Of course, I had a parade to be in myself, so didn’t have much time to rub elbows with them. Thankfully, I did get this photo! (Darn balloons in the background, they make this photo look far less menacing than I had hoped).

Peach Festival Parade with Star Wars Characters