Get crackin’ — Kendra’s almost here!

Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in KazahKendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah is now available for preorder on in both hardbound and paperback editions. Which proves it’s almost here!

So, if you have been as grumpy as Uncle Griffinskitch, or as anxious as Honest Oki, or as ornery as Juniper Jinx—then let your mind be at ease. The book . . . is . . . soon . . . here.

Oh—and here’s the final cover, with a few small modifications. And, yes, it features a bunch of eggs cracking. And, of course, I DESPISE eggs. Which you know—especially if you have every been tortur—er, I mean taught by me in one of my classes.

In the next couple weeks or so I’ll post a sneak peek of the book—Chapter 1 (and maybe even Chapter 2, if you ask nicely).

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