This turtle keeps on trucking

I'll Follow the MoonThe picture book I illustrated back in 2005, I’ll Follow the Moon, keeps getting new life. In addition to recently being published in kindle and other electronic editions, the author Stephanie Lisa Tara and the publisher have just assembled a short video for the award-winning book. Just check it out on youtube!

I spent six months of my life painting turtles, sand, and water—it’s pretty gratifying to see how well this book has done over the years, and how well it keeps doing. By far it is the most critically-acclaimed picture book I’ve been associated with (which I think has much more to do with Stephanie’s charming words than my illustrations).

Speaking of videos, I’m still plugging away at a trailer for Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah. Be patient! It will be finished one of these days!

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