A tattoo for me, it is

My biggest accomplishment this week was convincing the artist in the tattoo tent at the Vancouver Folk Festival to give me a henna Yoda. She didn’t really know who Yoda was (you can all hold your gasps) so I think she did an excellent job, considering she had to do it from my vague description.

This is a photo of him with the henna still caked on. It’s actually peeled off now and I’m left with the sepia-coloured imprint of my favourite green yoda.

Yoda Tattoo

By the way the artist is Nicole Pilich—you can check out her website at www.healingbodyart.com (but don’t inundate her with Yoda requests; she’s had her geek quotient for the week!).

Henna is pretty easy to use and, of course, it’s not permanent. Last year at pirate camp, I gave all my students henna tattoos (though I’m not even remotely as gifted in tattoo art as Nicole).

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