A bit of a sneek peek

Teenling.I’ve been trying to assemble a trailer for The Crack in Kazah, but it’s been agonizingly slow.

This is for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, I am NOT an animator.

Secondly, I’ve been finishing up my programming for CWC.

Thirdly, my manuscript for the book is not completed. Yes, I know I joyously announced that everything was done, but such is the life of writing. I decided to put it through the grill of two more reads and it’s come back with some changes—some of them very important.

In any case, I can’t promise you when the trailer will be done. But, in the meantime, I posted a short snippet of a humble animated sequence on youtube. It features my new Teenling character. To view it, just click HERE.

This clip, in all likelihood, will not be in the final trailer, as I decided to go in a different direction!

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