Top five reasons for NOT getting a tattoo

A while back, I posted a newspaper article that featured a photo of my friend Paige and her Oki tattoo. So, in the study guides for one of our book discussions, I declared how I would not get a tattoo—but, if I did, it would look like this:


I asked my students in my creative writing class if THEY would ever consider getting a tattoo on one of my study guides, and this is the response that Kyumi gave me:

I would NEVER get a tattoo because of these five reasons:

1. I’m too young.

2. They use that sharp needle to draw on you.

3. Tattoo removal is so painful.

4. I don’t feel safe in a tattoo shop with freak people with tattoos surrounding me.

5. Tattoos are not interesting.

HOWEVER, if I somehow changed my  mind and got a tattoo, I would get Indiana Jones, Short Round, Luke Skywalker, and Mr. Wiz being run over by a ketchup-covered boulder and attacked by those cute little teddy bear things from Star Wars.

Did I mention that Kyumi is Grade 4? Still, she is very wise. Sadly, this sage answer came on the last day of class; otherwise, I would have had Kyumi provide an illustration of said tattoo. I guess we’ll just have to rely on our collective imaginations.


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