Mystery and mayhem on the Sunshine Coast

Camp Byng.

This last week has been a bit of blur as I taught workshops or delivered presentations in five different cities over four days. The exclamation mark on the week was when I took the short ferry ride from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast to participate in the “Canopy Creations” conference for young authors and illustrators. The conference was held at Camp Byng, a Cub Scout property with numerous cabins and lodges.

The conference was aptly named—boy, did we need those canopies! The rain hammered down on us for the better part of the day. Other workshop leaders were Lowry Olafson (he helped the kids write and perform a song called “Fuzzy Carrots are Epic”), Maggie Chow, and Maureen McBeath.

For my part, I helped the kids create heroic characters. We then crafted riddles, ciphers, codes and messages written in invisible ink so that those same heroes would have plenty of problems to deal with! There’s no doubt those kids loved the invisible ink the most!

Hero building.

Hero building.

Invisible ink.

Invisible ink messages.

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