They’re crazy about Oki!

Oki.One of my favourite bookstores in the world can be found in Sumner, Washington. Called a Good Book Café, the folks at this bookstore don’t mess around with their love of all things Kendra Kandlestar. In particular, they are fans of Oki.

How much? Well, popular staffer Paige Mitchell even had her arm tattooed with that little eeker, something which was featured in a recent article about the book store.

You can see a picture of Paige’s tattoo, along with one of their customer’s hand-made Oki, here! You can also read the whole article  here.

Of course, if you’re ever in Sumner (it’s just South of Seattle) be sure to check out this delightful store. You’ll lose yourself in the aisles (but don’t worry—Paige will find you).

One thought on “They’re crazy about Oki!

  1. We love the Sumner book store. They were the ones who sold us all of our Kendra books! You visited my daughter’s school last year and she said she wanted to “try” out your book. We’ve read them all and are big fans! We’re counting down the days to October!!!

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