Diorama drama

A few weeks ago, I built a diorama of the vault beneath the Elder Stone from The Box of Whispers (you can see the photo in that post). It was all with the aim to get my students inspired to construct their own dioramas.

We’ve been working on them for a few weeks, so I thought I would show some of their (fantastic) works in progress . . .

This is the centerpiece for Esther’s diorama. I believe this is from the scene in her book when a fairy hatches out of this magic egg. Notice the little bottle in the corner of the photo, filled with a very enchanted pink substance!

Esther's diorama egg.

This next one is Herald. He is writing a book inspired by Leviathan (and doing a fabulous job too, I might add).

Herald's diorama.

Kaeula’s diorama centers around the most important set-piece in her novel.

Kaeula's diorama.

Michael found a very inventive way to construct the trees surrounding his palace.

Michael's diorama.

Like Esther, Sarah is using her magic egg as the focus of her diorama. So far, so good!

Sarah's diorama.

I’m hoping that these dioramas will really help my students think about their settings and bring them to life—not only for the reader, but in their own imaginations!

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