Magical eruption

I’ve taught my magic potions workshop several times. There have always been a few harmless explosions, but this time one of my hapless apprentices spilled his potion (heavy on the blood from a two-headed goat) all over my jacket (even though I was yelling at him to back away, back away, back away!). Oh well. Such are the dangers of mixing mummy dust, burning acid, and heart’s desire.

This class also involved someone crying out, “Hey, you spilled pee on my poop.” (Seems someone had placed the bottle of Gnome poop right in a pool of dragon urine.) It’s not exactly your average day at school.

In any case, here are a few photos from that fateful day.






One thought on “Magical eruption

  1. did that last year…and the “poison” is still in my room.
    I do like that bottle. ;-P

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