Wizardly abodes

Yew Tree HouseI’ve always liked the idea of a house built inside a tree. Maybe it’s just the thought of bidding farewell to corners!

Well, if you have spent anytime with Kendra over the course of her adventures, then you’ve had a glimpse or two of the old yew tree house where she lives with Uncle Griffinskitch. In Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah, we’ll return to the yew tree house and even get a chance to sneak inside the secret library that our grumpy old wizard likes to sequester and study his books and other items of enchantment.

I have completed a few new drawings for the yew tree house (inside and out), but this last week I turned my attention to another house built inside a tree. This house is for a new wizard character, and I thought I would make this one look even more strange and mysterious than Uncle Griffinskitch’s house.

At first, I thought I would make the tree completely bare of foliage, but ultimately decided that I didn’t want the tree to look dead. So I ended up adding the leaves around the back of the tree. I do have the idea that the tree was dead when my wizard character moved in—perhaps it was the effect of magic-making that caused new life to sprout from the tree’s branches. I don’t have a plan to explain this in the book, but you never know—that particular story may make it into a future Chronicle.

Wizard abode.

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