Beneath the Elder Stone

I’ve been wanting to do something new this term when it comes to inspiring my students about setting. Usually, we work on different types of maps—always a good activity, but I thought I’d encourage each student to pick one setting from his or her book and then construct it in diorama form.

Of course, I never like to lead an activity until I’ve tried it myself. So I decided to build my own diorama from one of my Kendra Kandlestar books. At first I thought I might depict Oki in his confrontation with the coughing plant of Krodos, but in the end, I decided to construct the vault that lies beneath the Elder Stone.

Elder Stone diorama

You can see the Box of Whispers in this scene (along with its key) and, perched next to it, is the infamous dragon egg that plays such an important part in the story. There’s a few other treasures to be found there too . . .

I hope you like it!

Oh, and special thanks to Charlotte for making the dragon egg!

2 thoughts on “Beneath the Elder Stone

  1. That is so epic-ly awesome there are only a few words you could use that would give it justice! AWESOME!!

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