“Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t see.”

Sorceress eye.These are the words that Kendra hears upon her visit to a very ancient oracle in The Crack in Kazah. The sorceress who utters this cryptic statement is indeed blind, but explains to Kendra that her very power comes from that which ails her. She is one of the most powerful magic-makers that the land of Een has ever known—more powerful than even Uncle Griffinskitch and Winter Woodsong.

Kendra’s visit with this oracle will cause much concern for our your heroine, especially as she is given a glimpse into her own future. Indeed, the words of the blind oracle will not only be instrumental in determining the outcome of Kendra’s adventure in The Crack in Kazah, but for her emotional journey in Book 5.

I had a lot of fun creating the oracle and her entourage of elders. Many of these elders are animals, while her captain of the Een guard is a ladybug (much in the tradition of everyone’s favourite grasshopper, Juniper Jinx).

Kendra and the Oracle.

Elder animals.

Captain Ibb in the dungeons


2 thoughts on ““Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t see.”

  1. I am wanting to read this book more and more! So… Hey, Mr. Fodi? Do you want to give us and bombshellls, like, I don’t know…. Maybe some Agent Lurk info?

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