Wizardly Brochure

I finally have gotten around to posting the beautiful artwork that one of my students created at the recent camp I led in Korea. For this project, students were meant to create travel brochures for a magical land of their own invention. Sarang, being the oldest (and a camp counsellor), decided to do a brochure for the actual camp.

It’s absolutely wonderful. On the cover you can see an illustration of myself, fellow teacher Kallie George, and even our camp mascot, Prospero the snowy owl. This brochure is meant to be a three-panel affair, doubled-sided and folded twice. I’m just showing you the spreads before they are printed.

Wizard Camp

Wizard Camp

I was so pleased to see Sarang’s creative approach to this project. She is actually the student who helped me when I wrote Kendra Kandlestar and the Shard from Greeve. Not only did she pre-read the whole book, but she helped me name Captain Raggart Rinkle and the sea monster known as the scoptacus, and even helped me fill in the back story for one Captain Dirtybeard.

2 thoughts on “Wizardly Brochure

  1. Cool! Wizard Camp sounds awesome! I wish I could come!

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