Toothpick Coincidence

Juniper Jinx.That’s the name of a character. Not mine though (oh, how I wish I had come up with). This is the invention of a student I taught last week at Suncrest Elementary.

We were designing heroes and one grade-four girl came up with this fabulous name for her protagonist! Toothpick Coincidence. It has quite a ring to it, I think. In fact, I encouraged the student to not only name her character this, but also her entire story.

If this delicious concept wasn’t enough, this student also came up with a very interesting sidekick. His name is GUB and (if memory serves me correctly) this stands for “Gross Underwear Bacteria.” The story itself involves a perilous journey up a nose where Toothpick coincidence has to face his greatest fear. Yes, you guessed it. Boogers.

Well, speaking of sidekicks, I thought I’d post on this page some of the illustrations of Kendra’s sidekicks that will appear in the forthcoming book, The Crack in Kazah. If the characters look a little different than they have in past books, well then that’s because . . . they are.

I could tell you more, but then what would be the fun of that? You’ll just have to wait . . .


Professor Bumblebean

Uncle Griffinskitch battles.

3 thoughts on “Toothpick Coincidence

  1. OMG, I somehow while walking through google tonight have managed to stumble across your gorgeous blog, I have fallen in love with reading your posts but I am totally in LOVE with your drawings, they are spectacular and you are a very gifted artist. I have taken a seat and sat down a while and peaked around (hope you do not mind) but I can not find any copyright particulars on your illustrations :(

    I am very curious and would like to know if I would have your permission or if you would have any objections to me using them on my crafts / cards / scrapbook layouts (for non commercial purposes) ? I would of course as I do always, give credit to you the artist with a link back to your site.

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