The Wizard’s Library ~ Final two days!

Our camp is now over—the last two days were quite a whirlwind! One of the best things about the camp? Yes, the kids were amazing, the stories and artwork beautiful, but really I’m happier than an Een in a pickle barrel that I didn’t get sick or run-down during this camp (like I so often do during our February camps in Korea).

Story typing.
One of the Wiz Kids works to furiously finish up her story on the last day of our camp (dragon egg at her side).
Story Edit.
For this camp, we made every student begin his or her story in the good old-fashioned way: with pen and paper! It was only after an edit by one of the instructors that they could begin typing up their tales. I love the little illustration—when I look back upon this student's work, I can really see her imagination at work on the page. This is a view of the writing process you just don't get when you start directly on the computer.
Travel Brochure.
One of the travel brochures we created—near completion!
Travel Brochure
This brochure is absolutely beautiful! I'll be scanning in its entirety and posting it once I return home.
On our final day, the students took inspiration from their travel brochures to create a short commercial, trying to convince the audience to come visit their enchanted kingdom.
One of the Wiz Kids performs her commercial, while the others look on.

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