The Wizard’s Library ~ Day 4

Our fourth day involved illuminated manuscripts and a wizard’s tournament! The tournament featured a variety of brain-teasers and and other wizardly skill-testing tasks.

Illuminated manuscript.
What a wonderful spell! Notice the gold and silver finish!
Illuminated manuscript.
I love this spell; it turns a bird into a mouse!
Another scrapbook page, documenting the training of a wizard's apprentice.
Madame Kallie.
Madame Kallie (and Prospero) have a quite laugh during our Wizard's tournament.
Nasty Gnomes.
In this activity, Wiz Kids had to use a mini-wand to destroy some nasty "gnomes" plaguing their kingdom.
Paper Prospero.
One activity during the Wizard's tournament was to make an origami owl (a paper Prospero!).
Wiz Kids.
Some of the Wiz Kids after performing a skit. The students were divided into teams representing different magic kingdoms (such as Narnia, Oz, and Hogwarts).
Shooting Stars.
One of the Wiz Kids tries to shoot a "star" out of the sky during the Wizard's Tournament.
Mr. Wiz
"Mr. Wiz" (that's me!) and Prospero enjoy the festivities during the Wizard's Tournament.

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