The Wizard’s Library ~ Day 3

Day 3 is now complete ~ surviving it was no small feat!

Brochure design.
The Wiz Kids started assembling their travel brochures for their magic kingdoms. (You'll have to check your local travel agency to see if they start adding these encahnted destinations to their vacation packages).
Travel brochure.
One of the travel brochures nearing completion.
Brochure design.
A completed travel brochure ~ and it looks amazing! We'll display them all on the last day of camp.
Student story.
A student story in progress, inspired by all of our wizardly activities.
Egg Painting
The Wiz Kids design their own enchanted eggs. After painting them, they had to imagine what would hatch out of their sparkling creations.
Hatchling design.
A student works on the design of her enchanted creature. Apparently, winged horses hatch from blue eggs!
Hatchling design
Another enchanted egg; I love how the creature matches the colours of its egg!

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