The Wizard’s Library ~ Day 2

Day 2 of our creative writing camp is in the books. Wizard hats, wizard wands—and some very poetic dueling!

Prospero Helps
Prospero helps a student work on her story.
Hat making.
The Wiz Kids construct their very own hats.
Kallie helps with hat making.
Kallie helps the students test their hats, while Prospero looks on.
Bear with wand.
EEK! A bear came to our class—and even made her own wand.
Wizard's Duel.
Each Wiz Kid came up and cast a rhyming-spell at me; I had to defend myself by making up rhymes (on the spot) to deflect the magic curses hurled in my direction!
Wand attack.
A Wiz Kid gestures with her wand, ready to inflict some deadly punishment upon me (invariably, to drown me in ketchup, eat eggs, or read Anne of Green Gables).
Mr. Wiz duelling.
It took all my coconut-power to defend myself against attack after attack! Thankfully, I had Kendra Kandlestar's wand to assist me.
Well, as you can see by the scoreboard, the Wiz Kids eventually defeated me. I actually won MORE than three rounds—there just happened to be some creative editing of the scoreboard (and my name).
Even Prospero ended up getting his own hat and wand.

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