The Wizard’s Library ~ Day 1

We’ve finished our first day of our “Wizard’s Library” camp in Korea!

Wiz Kids select their kits.
Each would-be apprentice selects his or her wizard kit as Prospero the owl quizzically looks on.
Wiz Kid and kit.
A Wiz Kid peers into her wizard's kit to discover a dragon's feather, a key, and other treasures.
A Wiz Kid brainstorms for a story using the "story brew" worksheet.
Character Design.
A Wiz Kid designs some characters for her story.
A Wiz Kid works on a scrapbook page of her character.
Scapbook page.
A completed scrapbook page for a wizard character.

One thought on “The Wizard’s Library ~ Day 1

  1. Oh that looks fun! Potions, and Wands and Owl oh my!! Have fun!

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