I have the best job in the world

I spent yesterday with my fellow-teacher, Kallie George, preparing “wizard kits” for our upcoming writing camp. One of our activities will be to have the kids prepare a spell book page in the style of an old illuminated manuscript. For inspiration, we decided to put together a  kit of enchanted ingredients.

Truth be told, I’ve taught many a magic potion class and, as such, I have an entire cabinet in my kitchen devoted to the storing of delightful ingredients. But these giant glass bottles of mummy dust, pixie juice, and the like would will be impossible to transport across international waters, so we assembled a smaller kit. There is not enough magical ingredients in this kit for an entire class of would-be wizards to brew anything, but I hope it will serve as fodder for their imaginations.

Wizard Kit

Note the strangely-shaped bottle with the green liquid; this is an enchanted substance that can actually determine the amount of magic a person holds within his or her heart. All you have to do is cradle the bottle between your palms and chant a few wizardly words. The higher in the tube the liquid climbs, the more magical you are.

However, Griffin was more interested in the Phoenix feathers (the whole afternoon, he kept jumping up to poke around our ingredients).

Griffin and the Wizard kit.

We’re also preparing mini-kits for each of our students. Each one is slightly different, containing phoenix feathers, rings, and a variety of pebbles, jewels, and keys—all required supplies for our team of Wiz Kids.

Wiz Kid Kits.

Just a few more days, and we jet across the ocean!

3 thoughts on “I have the best job in the world

  1. Okay…. How much are you charging for a Wizard Kit… *Starts digging through couch to find… a penny… the remote…. wait… whats that!* Do you take debit….?

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