Utinni! My class has been taken over by Jawas!


Droid scavengers, inventors, and tinkerers were running amok this past week in my workshops. It was Part Two of my robot class. Part One was all about preparing the designs and instructions of the robots. This turned out to be an interesting class in terms of teaching my students about technical writing. Most of my students found it hard to use formal language!

Part Two was all about construction. I was impressed that a lot of my students’ robots actually matched their original designs. Part Three will be writing a story about the robot. In one class, we’re even going to do Part Four: writing a commercial to go along with their robots!

Emily's Robot.

Andy works on his robot.

Julie's Robot.

Sue's robot.

Ryan's robot.

Dean's robot.

Robot worksheets.

Hoon works on his robot.

Robin's robot.

Shane's robot.

4 thoughts on “Utinni! My class has been taken over by Jawas!

  1. Wow! Those are great! I can’t wait to see some of the stories to go along with these amazing robots!!

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