Ketchup, chickens and eggs — oh my!

I promise to be posting some new artwork soon from Kendra Kandlestar IV, but in the meantime I thought I would put up some, er . . . fan art. I love it when readers send me Kendra Kandlestar artwork, but just as often I seem to get a lot of artwork of me.

I’m not sure why, exactly, but kids find my dislike of chickens, eggs, ketchup and Anne of Green Gables to be quite amusing.
This first picture is actually quite lovely. It’s me as my favourite animal, getting crowned. It’s be Jeanne in Chula Vista, California.

Mr. Wiz as a Tiger


This next one is by Jeanne’s sister, Ellen. I guess she’s on my side—she’s trying to eradicate all chickens by shooting them out of cannons.

Chicken cannon


And last but not least for today  . . . well, let’s just call this one “Mr. Wiz’s Doom.” It’s by Matthew from North Vancouver.

Chicken Army.


2 thoughts on “Ketchup, chickens and eggs — oh my!

  1. Days of Een! You need help! You’ll be killed be Chickens!! I know get some rope a bag of Cheetos and ten cans of hairspray! That! That will hold them off…

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