Message from a moth

So much of Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah has to do with the past legends and lore of the Land of Een. In this first illustration I’m showing you, I’ve depicted that fateful moment when the Wizard Greeve sends a message to his brothers, inviting them to come to his palace to make peace with him.


Here he is dressed all in white, sending out from his withered palm an invitation by way of a moth. I have drawn pictures of Greeve before (he appeared quite prominently in The Door to Unger), but I have never shown him without his hood. After working on this illustration, it occurs to me that he looks something like Saruman from Lord of the Rings.

Of course, the Wizard Greeve is going to betray his brothers, but first he has to lure him into his palace. I took quite a few cracks at drawing this place of doom. At first I was thinking of the work of the famous Spanish architect Gaudi and his wonderfully fluid and floral designs.

I eventually decided that I wanted to go more subtle. I had written this scene before illustrating it and when I went back to read over my manuscript I noticed how sparsely I had depicted the palace. Instead of a castle with turrets and arches and gargoyles, I had described Greeve’s abode as a place with tall, glimmering white spires. So I went back to my original concept . . .

Palace of Peace

Those are supposed to be flowers growing on the hill surrounding the palace. But they look like little marching ants to me. So I ended up doing one more version, to include a few close up of flowers. In the book, it says as the six brothers and their armies approached Greeve’s palace that they first had to cross a green field carpeted with white flowers, so I decided I needed to include that as part of the illustration.

Palace of Peace

Stay tuned for more illustrations from the new book!

3 thoughts on “Message from a moth

  1. Wonderful drawings! I just stumbled upon your blog, is this a book that you are working on currently? Nice work, hope to see more!

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