Just One More Book ~ They’re Back

Just One More BookMy favourite podcast, Just One More Book, has returned with a special episode. It may just be a “one-off,” but I’m hoping they come back permanently.

If you’ve ever listened to Just One More Book, then you know it’s a podcast with hosts Mark and Andrea Blevis (and now their two daughters, Lucy and Bayla) and, in their own words is about “the children’s books we love and why we love them.”

Just One More Book has been a wonderful supporter of my Kendra Kandlestar books, and I’ve actually had the Blevis can pre-read my manuscripts for the second, third, and fourth installments. Their feedback has been thoughtful, critical, and ultimately invaluable. I’ve now gotten to the point where, as I’m writing, I imagine Lucy and Bayla listening to my words. As a writer it keeps me on my toes. I sure don’t want to disappoint those two thoughtful and creative girls.

Kendra readsIf you listen to this most recent episode of Just One More Book, you’ll hear some of their initial feedback to Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah (they say it’s their favourite Kendra book since the first one!).

I should also mention that Just One More Book has been very inspirational when it came time to develop the podcast I run with James McCann, Authors Like Us. If it wasn’t for Mark and Andrea’s model and advice, we would have never gotten it off the ground.

In any case, Just One More Book went on hiatus over fourteen months ago when Andrea was diagnosed with breast cancer. Let’s hope they do come back permanently—and there’s one way YOU can help make that happen. Get those fingers racing over to their episode page and leave a comment. Of course, you can also subscribe to Just One More Book on iTunes.

One thought on “Just One More Book ~ They’re Back

  1. Thats awesome! So… Do you want to send me a manuscript…? Hint hint…. Merry Christmas? Oops I mean Eenmus :)

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