This is why you shouldn’t drink your magic potion

Magic Potions Class.Even though my magic potions class is all about using the five senses, I always warn my students not to drink their concoctions. Sure, they can smell, see, hear, and even touch their elixirs with a spoon—but drinking potions is never a good idea. After all, who knows what effect will result from brewing Elf bones, Pixie juice, dragon urine, Gnome poop, mummy dust, burning acid, and eyes of newt?

Just witness my ever-cheerful student, Matthew—before and after.

Matthew BEFORE.

Matthew After.

Sadly, it’s not a staged photo.  But don’t be alarmed. He only writhed on the floor for five minutes, before his nausea ebbed. In other good magic-potion-related new, there were only THREE explosions this time. (If you’re going to over do it on the mummy dust, explosions are, sadly, just a fact of life.)

Magic Potion Explosion.

Magic Potion Class

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