Happy HallowEEN

Ratchet's jack o'lanternsIt’s been a very Een Halloween this year.

After a festive halloween party in my creative writing class on Saturday, I arrived home to find two delightful Een-mails. One included a picture of a girl dressed in full Kendra gear—her chosen costume for Halloween. I didn’t want to post it without permission—but I can assure you that it looks awesome. Her mom must have had a lot of patience with all the braids. (By the way, if you want to put in Kendra braids, you can find some helpful hints at the Kendra Kandlestar website.)

The second Een-mail I received, came with a great photo that I can post. It seems my Kendra jack o’lantern inspired an Oki pumpkin. Doesn’t it look marvellous? If YOU carved a Kendra-themed pumpkin or dressed as a Kendra character, be sure to tell me. I LOVE receiving these photos.

Oki Pumpkin

So, since I was hosting a Halloween party (it happened last night), I decided to go as an Een character myself. But since I don’t exactly look like any of the characters in my books, I decided I’d be an Een wizard from days gone past. Here are the supplies that went into my costume:

~ Pointed Elf ears

~ An Eenwand (in this case, a very cool piece of natural driftwood)

~ A ring set with Kazah stone

~ A mysterious ancient key

~ A set of Een braids

~ A long brown robe

Een props

Oh, I added a bit of face paint as well. If you want to ever dress up as an Een, I highly recommend the above props. You can also add an animal puppet—or, of course, you could dress as an Een animal! (I’d LOVE to see a Ratchet costume!)

In any case, here’s the final result of the costume, the wizard Leebo Lightheart. What do you think?

Leebo Lightheart

My friends and fellow writers all did a great job of our costumes. Below we have me, kc dyer as a zombie, James McCann as a Jedi Bond (don’t ask), and Kallie George as Sally from the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Geeks & Freaks

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