Authors’ Day Out

Authors Like UsSometimes I feel like I never leave my house. Of course, I’m often out visiting a school or a conference, but I’m talking about just going out for something fun.

Well, in the latest edition of the Authors Like Us podcast James McCann and I decided to just catch up and do an interview with a twist. See, this time WE are the ones getting interviewed. Doing the honours is YA and middle-grade author is kc dyer.

You can listen to the interview by subscribing for free through iTunes or by visiting our website.

It took us weeks to get all three of us together in the same coffee shop—mostly because all three of us spent the year globetrotting (and rarely to the same place!). See James went east and I went . . . well Far East. But I’m going to humbly suggest that this interview was well worth the wait. Listen up to find out all about our scintillating summer . . . and be sure to listen to the outtake at the every end. (It’s a strange little snippet that James and I recorded at the Pirate Camp we taught this past summer. I had completely forgotten about it!)

We’ve got a great line up for the remaining of our Fall Season ~ Susin Nielsen, Barbara Haworth-Attard, Helaine Becker, and Kevin Bolger. Stay tuned!

Evil Laugh.


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