Read BC with me!

If you were excited to hear about the title of my new book that I announced Monday, then you might be just excited to see a photo of my very first book. No, I’m not talking about my very first Kendra Kandlestar book or even my first published book, Corranda’s Crown.

I’m talking about the book I wrote when I was five or six: Farm 7720. You can see a photo of it as part of the interview with me at the CWILL BC blog.

readBCAt CWILL, we think British Columbia is a pretty special place to live and also a great place to create wonderful children’s literature. So we launched readBC, an initiative to make sure everyone knows about the fabulous books the talent in our province generates. As part of this, we are posting a series of short interviews to introduce our readers to our authors and illustrators. You can read the complete series here.

Make sure you check out and comment on my interview. You can also see a photo of my studio; look really close at the photo and you’ll see the plot outline for Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah hanging on my wall!

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