Why do Eens wear braids?

Kayla Kandlestar.It’s one of the questions I get asked all the time. The answer I usually give is that it’s just part of Een culture. Every Een—yes, even the boys—wear at least one braid (of course, as you know, Kendra has seven). But then the next question I always get is, “Why is it part of their culture?”

Well, Book IV is going to answer that question (plus, a whole lot more). I’ve been writing up a storm this week, moving at a far faster speed than my usual, plodding pace, and I’ve just finished up the draft of one of the most climatic and dramatic scenes in the entire series. Well, at least that’s my opinion. I guess you’ll have to let me know yours once you read it.

I think part of my “flow” this week has come from my extremely lucky symbol of seeing a giant grey whale yesterday. I was cycling around the sea, on my usual route around Vancouver’s Stanley Park, when lo and behold, there was the behemoth, spouting water not a hundred feet of the shore. It was marvelous.

2 thoughts on “Why do Eens wear braids?

  1. I love your books, any chance of you getting them down to Australia, I heard you on a Teleseminar and have ordered your books for my girls who love them, one of them did a book review at school and the teacher wanted to borrow it to read and she loved it, I think you would have such a big following here.

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