Sticky Summer

After travelling through some pretty hot and humid climates lately, I’ve arrived back home in Vancouver to experience some more sticky summer heat. It’s unusual for here . . . but I’ll take the sticky heat over my sticky coconut right now.

See, I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. Correction. I’ve been trying to write. Here I am, elbows deep in the manuscript for Kendra Kandlestar IV and I find myself hitting the wall. It’s a tricky book, this one, and now I’m at the point where I feel like I’ve run right smack into an Unger. And you know what they’re like.

I know I’ll figure this all out eventually, but this is the part of writing process I really hate. I have all the pieces in front of me and now it’s just a matter of moving them all around, until they lock together perfectly.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been going through: endless scribbles and diagrams to try and figure my way out of my plot conundrum.

Plotting Frustration.

I know. It looks confusing. That’s because IT IS.

I said as much to my friend Paige today. She’s actually pre-reading what I’ve written so far and when I mentioned my frustrations, she actually had the gall to quote a scene from my own manuscript, when this blind old sorceress¬† says to Kendra, “You are too attached to the outcome.” Then she added that I should just let the characters wander for a bit and see where they end up.


She’s probably right.

Guess I’ll keep writing.

The Blind Sorceress.

One thought on “Sticky Summer

  1. Through the deep and un comfortable waters of writers block, never give yourself up! don’t swim… Float!
    And remember you are an amazing author! You rock Mr. Fodi!
    BTW, bea-U-ti-ful drawing!

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